Posted on 01/25/2016
I Learn Pulaski

Where can I find more information about #iLearnPulaski?

Visit  and then select “For Parents” or “For Students” - #iLearnPulaski. Your child’s teacher will also be discussing #iLearnPulaski with your child and school staff will be sending home additional information.

Is my child accountable for participation? 

Students must complete the work in order for the day to count as an instructional day.  Teachers will provide students with packets or instructions for accessing information digitally and students must complete the work when a #iLearnPulaski day is called. 
How will we know a #iLearnPulaski day has been called?

Notifications will be made that a snow day is a #iLearnPulaski day at the same time and in the same way that families are notified that it is a snow day.  You will see the announcement on TV, on our website, hear it on the radio, receive a One Call notification, and see it on our Pulaski Schools Facebook page and our Pulaski Schools Twitter feed.

When will #iLearnPulaski be used?

The plan will not be used on the first snow day.  We feel that every day in the classroom is important but also realize that long breaks without instruction are detrimental to the learning process.  Typically it would be after a long snow event or if we have missed an unusually high number of days before we would consider implementing the use of the #iLearnPulaski days.

What if my child needs assistance?

Parents or students can call the school during regular school hours to get assistance.  Teachers are also required to maintain an online presence throughout the day so parents or students may contact them through the online classroom or email for assistance.

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