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Technical Assistance and Implementation Support

Technical Assistance and support with implementation is made available to schools by the District RTI Leadership Team.  A guidance document for the Pulaski County Intervention System (PCIS) has been developed along with a variety of training and other support materials.  Implementation coaching is also available to individuals and/or school implementation teams by the District RTI Leadership Team.    

Pulaski County Intervention System (PCIS) Guidance Document

PCIS Without Appendices (8/17/17)
PCIS Guidance Document with Appendices (8/17/17)

Appendix A 
    Decision Making Matrix (Blank)    
    Intervention Matrix (Blank)
Appendix B - RTI Implementation Flow Chart
Appendix C - Forms 
    PCIS Summary of Data/Intervention Form
    Print-Off Checklist for Summary of Data/Intervention Form
    RTI Parent Meeting Agenda 
Appendix D - Special Education
Appendix E - Gifted and Talented
Appendix F - Assessment to Action Planning Process
    RTI Self-Assessment of Implementation*
    RTI Report Card and RTI Action Plan*

*Request from Curriculum Supervisor

Additional Documents:

SWIS ODR and Infinite Campus Cross-Reference Tool 7-30-15

Old RTI Forms:

Parent Referral to RTI Team.doc
PCIS Intervention Plan - 10-19-12
PCIS Tier III Referral and Data Sheet 
Summary of Interventions and Data - 12-20-12
PCIS Sample Parent Information Letter - Tier I
PCIS Sample Parent Information Letter Tier II
PCIS Sample Parent Information Letter-Tier III

Professional Development and Training:
The district leadership team has developed training materials to support professional development of schools and their staff.  The PowerPoint presentation to the left provides an overview of the PCIS system and can be used with school implementation teams and new staff members.  Other professional development opportunities can be designed for school-based teams upon request.

Implementation Coaching:

Implementation of RTI can be a complicated enterprise!  The district leadership team is available to provide coaching by sending members to consult with school administrators, implementation teams and/or other staff.  Coaching is different than training in that it looks more like a conversation than a lecture and is focused on goal development and resource acquisition than simply providing information.  To request coaching support simply contact the Curriculum Supervisor for your school and they will connect you with the appropriate personnel.

 Other Implementation Resources:


A Guide to the Kentucky System of Interventions  

National Center on Response to Intervention

The RTI Action Network