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Behavior Screening

Pulaski County Schools regularly conduct universal screening in core academic and behavior areas to assist in identifying students who may be in need of additional support.  Screening data on all students can provide an indication of an individual student’s performance and progress compared to the peer group’s performance and progress. These data form the basis for an initial examination of individual and group patterns on specific academic, social, and behavior skills. Universal screening is the least intensive level of assessment completed within our Response to Intervention (RTI) system and helps educators and parents identify students early who might be “at-risk” for developing learning, behavior and/or social-emotional challenges.  

Since the 2017-18 school year, Pulaski County Schools have been using the Student Risk Screening Scale (SRSS-IE) due to its ease of administration, low level of intrusiveness and solid research base.  Below is some information about this instrument and its administration in our schools:

General Information About Behavioral Screening:

Information About the Student Risk Screening Scale (SRSS-IE)

Tools for Use of the SRSS-IE in Pulaski County Schools