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2022-2023 Kentucky Summative Assessment Results

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The Behavior Education Program (CICO)

The Behavior Education Program (BEP) is a targeted group intervention and is designed as a Next Step for schools who are implementing Tier 1 PBIS with fidelity. The BEP is intended to address the needs of the students in the middle portion of the triangle, those who are “at-risk.” These are the students who are consistently getting a high number of referrals and are what we sometimes call the “frequent flyers.” 

The BEP focuses on at-risk students who are accruing multiple referrals in multiple settings across the school campus and are referred by more than one staff member. It is designed for students who are referred for disruption, tardiness, defiance, inappropriate language, and refusal to comply; to name a few. It is not intended for students who are aggressive or violent. The students who meet these qualifications should also be highly motivated by teacher/adult attention.

The main component of the BEP is a “check-in/check-out” system with a staff member (who is on the BEP Team) which occurs at the beginning and end of each school day. Students have clearly defined expectations/goals, daily prompts from a positive adult, daily prompts at each class/activity, daily feedback from teachers and parents, daily progress reports, increased opportunities for learning and reinforcement, and additional support available on a daily and as-needed basis. The BEP is also intended to establish parent involvement and participation through BEP meetings, progress reports, and behavior contracts that require comments, and signatures from the parents on a daily basis.

The Behavior Education Training Video is available for use by Pulaski County schools.  It can be checked out by contacting Dusty Phelps at Central Office at 676-2513.  The video can also be viewed through our V-brick storage system.  Just click on the image below to access that link.  Training is also available for schools considering implementation.  Please contact Dusty Phelps at Central Office for more information about training.

Video description:  This professional training video demonstrates the Behavior Education Program (BEP), the Tier 2 intervention comprehensively described in the book Responding to Problem Behavior in Schools. Scenes set in classrooms and other school and home settings depict such nonaggressive problem behaviors as disruption, defiance, and tardiness, and show how teachers, other school personnel, and parents can work with students effectively to implement the steps of the BEP. In addition, an interview with BEP codeveloper Dr. Leanne S. Hawken provides answers to frequently asked questions. A special feature of the DVD is a set of reproducible forms and training materials that can be downloaded on the purchaser's computer as PDFs or PowerPoint files.

Additional Resources for using CICO/BEP:
CICO Form - Sample 1
CICO Form - Sample 2
Frequently Asked Questions
Student Training - Supplemental Materials
Teacher Training - Supplemental Materials

Resources from CICO/BEP Training on 11-2-16:
CICO PowerPoint.pptx
Installation Plan for Tier 2 Check In Check Out Intervention.docx
Staff Training Scripts.pdf
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Implementation of the BEP.docx 
Request for Assistance Form.docx
Sample Handbook - PCHS BOT Handbook 7-31-15.docx

*For schools interested in using CICO within SWIS as a data collection system, please contact Kathy Epperson at Central Office (676-2511) to facilitate account set up and training on data entry.