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PBIS Coaching

Role of the Coach

The role of the Coach on the School PBIS Leadership Team is a vital role.  Responsibilities include:

Providing support for:

  • Team start-up
  • Team sustainability
  • Public relations/communication
  • Positive reinforcement and encouragement to students/staff
  • Technical assistance/data-based decision making
  • Problem solving
  • Local training/leadership

We have excellent coaches in Pulaski County!  In addition to meeting with the school level teams, our coaches also get together throughout the year to visit our PBIS schools across the district.  This gives the opportunity to "see" new ideas for implementation which are being implemented at other schools.  Our coaches also support one another by completing "PBIS Walk Thrus" for schools that they visit.  Information from these assessments are then shared with the school's leadership team for incorporation into their action plan.  The Walk Thru Data can be viewed at these links:

2009-10 Walk Thru Data
2010-11 Walk Thru Data
2011-12 Walk Thru Data
2012-13 Walk Thru Data
2013-14 Walk Thru Data
2014-15 Walk Thru Data

The Walk-Thru tool can be accessed at the link below:



Coach's Calendar

Keeping up with dates is another important role for the PBIS team.  The PBIS Coaching Calendars will help with this and can be accessed at the links below:


Orienting New Team Members

Ensuring that new team members are adequately trained and integrated into our leadership teams is another important role of the PBIS Coach.  Below are some resources to help with this:

Systematic Supervision Videos

The Systematic Supervision video series is designed to help reduce negative behavior and increase positive behavior in the school building and on the playground.  This professional development program gives administrators materials they need to train staff in effective active supervision techniques.  There are separate videos for elementary, middle and high school levels.  Below are link to the videos on Vbrick:

Systematic Supervision - High School

Systematic Supervision - Middle School

Systematic Supervision - Elementary School

Play By the Rules (Playground) 

Tier 2 Intervention

Ready to take your team to the next level?  You may be ready for the Behavior Education Program.  For more information about this Tier 2 intervention, click on the image to the left.