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Hall Of Fame Nomination 2018

The purpose of the Pulaski County School System Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor the rich heritage of academic and athletic contributions made by those who have attended or had long term associations with the Pulaski County School System.  We wish to acknowledge those who have displayed extraordinary contributions and accomplishments by inducting them as honored members of the Pulaski County School System Hall of Fame.


Nominees must exemplify the highest standards of ethical conduct and moral character in addition to documented significant and/or long term contributions to the Pulaski County School System community.  Nomination should clearly describe how the nominee has made extraordinary contributions or achieved significant accomplishments worthy of Hall of Fame status. Nominees should be at least ten years removed from graduation and may not be current active coaches at either Pulaski County or Southwestern High schools. Nominees to Pulaski County School System Hall of Fame will be considered from all schools, both past (before county consolidation) and present.  


Examples of extraordinary contributions or significant accomplishments may include, but are not limited to:   

  • Outstanding college or career accomplishments
  • Awarded or decorated with distinction for contribution to our nation’s freedom
  • Former teachers, principals, school staff that made extraordinary impacts
  • All-American recognition
  • All State recognition
  • State Champion in individual or team sport
  • Participation as a professional athlete (USA or abroad)  
  • Extraordinary contributions in chosen profession  
  • Outstanding accomplishments in coaching  
  • Significant long term contributions supporting the Pulaski County School System


The completed nomination form may be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from the person making the nomination and/or other letters of support from appropriate individuals familiar with the nominee. A limited number of supporting documents (i.e. newspaper/magazine clippings, copies of score books and statistics) may be included to help substantiate the accomplishments and contributions of the nominee. If the nominee is a past educator, please specify the educator’s dates of service and the school or schools where taught. A photo of the nominee should accompany the nomination form. The photo can be past or current, but must be clear in image.  


The Pulaski County School System Hall of Fame shall be governed and under the control of the Pulaski County Schools Hall of Fame Committee for screening and the selection process.  Additional information and support documentation may be requested by the Hall of Fame Committee in order to process the nomination.

Click HERE for the nomination form.