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SRO Appreciation
Teresa Nicholas

February 15, 2022 is School Resource Officer (SRO) Appreciation Day.  Pulaski County Schools has 7 SROs that work daily to educate and protect our students.  We truly appreciate all they do. 


Pulaski County SROs








Pictured left to right are: Chris Fisher, Doug Boyd, John Anderson, Alex Wesley, David Cornett, Jeff Phillippi and Travis Rogers

  • Burnside Elementary School
  • Eubank Elementary School
  • Memorial Education Center
  • Nancy Elementary School
  • Northern Elementary School
  • Northern Middle School
  • Oak Hill Elementary School
  • Pulaski County High School
  • Pulaski County Schools
  • Pulaski Elementary School
  • Shopville Elementary School
  • Southern Elementary School
  • Southern Middle School
  • Southwestern High School