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Jason Sammons

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Dress and Appearance

Board Policy: No. 09.427 Policy and Appearance; The wearing of any attire, cosmetics, presentation of

appearance, or any unsanitary body conditions significantly disrupts school work, interrupts scholastic endeavors, or threatens the health and /or safety of other pupils is prohibited. Students are expected to dress in a manner that is appropriate for the school environment. 

Some clothing will not be allowed or tolerated.

a) Shirts/blouses must be modest. Cleavage and undergarments must be covered.

b) All pants must be worn at waist level.

c) Shorts, skirts, and skorts length must be at or longer than the fingertips when standing with arms to the side. 

-This rule also applies in regard to holes in jeans/pants/shorts above the fingertips as well. Students in violation of this rule will be asked to call home and have appropriate clothing brought to school or be sent home for the day.

-Images with examples are depicted on a separate addendum given to students and explained, can be picked up at the front office, and were made available to every student.


Pictures with examples are depicted below:

Dress Code Jeans

Dress Code Shorts




1ST OFFENSE: Warning/Parent

Contact for a change of










d) Clothing should be free of tears and holes that reveal undergarments, including frayed clothing which reveals skin.

e) Unaccepted tops include halter tops, spaghetti strap tops, cropped tops, or fishnet tops.

f) Clothing, including masks, scarves, or any face covering for illness prevention, with inappropriate language such as foul language, drug/alcohol advertisements, and /or sexually inappropriate, and/or promotion of violence is strictly

Prohibited. Yoga pants (and similar pants) are permitted if top/shirt is appropriate length (reach below the buttocks area at all times). Yoga pants are not to be worn without appropriate shirt/top/blouse length.

g) Midriff should remain covered at all times (sitting or standing).

h) Shoes with laces must be tied and house shoes and heelies are not permitted.

i) Other inappropriate items include hats/caps, bandanas, sunglasses, chains and any other items that faculty and administration deem to be potentially dangerous or could interrupt the learning process.

j) All non-traditional forms of body piercing (tongue, lip, etc.) are prohibited. Earrings should be confined to those that are safe and not a distraction to classroom instruction. Earrings or piercings that are dangerous or could cause a distraction including, but not limited to: jagged edges, chains, etc. should be removed as well as those with sharp points and large hoops (spikes, safety pins and other jewelry of this type). Dangerous or disruptive piercings fall

under the discretion of SMS administrators.

k) The administration reserves the right to have a student change their clothing/hair when in their judgement the student

is wearing clothing/hair styles or hair color that disrupts and/or creates a conflict to disrupt the learning process.

*Violations of any dress/appearance codes may result in disciplinary action. This may include suspension.


  • Southern Middle School