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Technology Tools for the Classroom

Technology tools can be used to engage and challenge students.  You will find a variety of tools and resources on this page to utilize in your classroom.  You may also find one or two tools to make your life a little easier.  If you find great resources not listed on this page, please take a minute and email it to Teresa Nicholas,, so that it can be added to this growing resource list.  


In addition to the tools listed, check out some favorite apps, extensions and websites from KDE's Laura Ragana in her Google Sheet that is continually updated.  

Keeping up with the News:
Flipboard:  Brings content from social networks, news publications and blogs into one location.
Instapaper:  Bookmark web articles to read later.  

Remind:  Text stakeholders with information and reminders.
Haiku Deck:  Alternative to PowerPoint.
Prezi:  Alternative to PowerPoint.
Google Translate:  Translation tool - choose the to/from language to translate words or phrases. 
Itunes app for Google Translate:  App for iOS devices for visual translation.
Google Voice:  

Backchannel:  Designed for educational discussions; providing tools an educator could need to facilitate online discussions.  A Classroom account is $15 per year.

GoSoapBox: real-time student feedback, offers polling, a discussion tool, and a quiz feature. There's also a Confusion Barometer tool that allows students to toggle their status from "getting it" to "confused" so teachers can gauge the level of understanding. Keep in mind that kids can comment anonymously on posts so it's important to set clear expectations for respectful online behavior and communication. 

Assessment Tools: 
Poll Everywhere: Poll students using text messaging.
Kahoot:  Create and share online quizzes or surveys using any device with web browsing.
Plickers:  Formative assessment data without student devices.
Quizizz:  Multiplayer classroom activity online using any device with a web browser.
EdPuzzle:  Add questions to a video to check for understanding.
Go Formative:  Create online assessments, homework or classwork.
Socrative:  Student response system utilizing smart phone, laptops or tablets.

Share Content - Instructional Tools:
thingLink:  Annotate images or video content with notes.
Arloon:  Interactive apps to learn content material (paid). 
Fodey:  Create newspaper clippings.
Tiki-Toki:  Create interactive timelines. 
Newsela: News articles available at different reading levels.
Adobe Voice - add your voice to images.
Touchcast: Video creation on the iPad.
Do Ink and Do Ink Green Screen:  Make animations on the iPad or make Green Screen videos on an iPad.
Animoto: Create videos (free trial).
Linoit:  Sticky notes or photos online. 
Storyboardthat:  Create a story online from hundreds of scenes, images and characters.  Free trial available.
Wordle:  Word walls.
Tagxedo:  Enhanced Wordle. 
Bitsboard:  Mini games for learning for all ages.
Duolingo:  Learn a language through reading, speaking and listening - Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, or Turkish. 
Quizlet:  Study tools such as flashcards, tests and games.
Study Blue:  Online flashcards, review sheets and quizzes
Exit Ticket:  Student response system with an item bank.
Educanon:  Interactive video created by you with embedded questions.
i Fake Text:  Create fake text messages 
Trading Card Creator: Create trading cards for literary or history figures.
Spicy Nodes:  Interactive mind maps
Scratch:  Create stories, games and animations online - programming.
GoSoapBox:  web-based response system to gain real-time feedback.
Blendspace:  Create lessons/quizzes using multiple web resources.

Rewordify:  improve reading and learning.  Simplifies language, builds vocabulary.  FREE

Mystery Math Town:  Solve math problems to save fireflies and unlock rooms.  Designed for students ages 6 - 12+
Scribble Press:  Allows students to imagine, create and publish.
DragonBox Algebra 12+:  Key concepts of keeping equations balanced in a game format - feed the dragon so it grows and unlocks other levels.
Fotobabble:  Create "talking photos"

Photography and Video Resources:
Tubechop:  Copy specific sections from a youtube video to share.
Quietube:  Watch videos without comments or advertisements.  Works with Youtube, Viddler and Vimeo.
Viewpure:  Watch Youtube videos without comments, ads or other distractions.
Pixlr:  Fast editing, effects and refinement tools.
Touch-Retouch App:  Remove unwanted objects from photos using iPhone/iPad.

Social Media Tools:
If This Then That:  Allows you to set up rules to help run your social media feeds.
Twitter:  Follow people or groups to keep informed.
TweetDeck:  Keep your Twitter feeds organized.
Hootsuite:  Organization of your Twitter feeds.
Twitterrific:  App to manage Twitter on iPhone/iPad.

Classroom Management:
Class Dojo:  Free app for iOS or Android devices; allows parent communication and self-monitoring.
Symbaloo:  Social bookmarking - create links for your students.
Diigo:  social bookmarking that allows you to highlight information and share.

Reference Tools and Resources:
Citation Machine:  Allows student to choose format to use and then creates the citation.
Photomath:  Camera calculator - app understands basic to complex questions.
Paper Rater:  Proofreading with grammar checks, spell checks and plagiarism checks.

AT&T Drive Mode:  Once app is selected, sends preset automated responses, silences incoming message alerts and phone calls, prevents reading or typing anything.  Can set option to make and receive calls from up to 5 numbers plus 911.  App for Blackberry or Android devices.  Reads text messages, calls and emails and will send automatic reply or allow you to reply via voice.