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Annual Training for Staff and Students

School staff are required to complete training on various topics on an annual basis.  This page includes information about and a listing of those required training pieces for both school based staff as well as central office staff.   These annual trainings should be part of the first G-Day or opening day and not for PD credit.

Training Required for School-based Staff.  Training topics marked with [CO] are required of ALL central office staff. 

  1. School Technology Training [CO] - Required 2023-2024
    1. Review the Back to School Presentation  and document training via staff meeting signature page (CO staff must sign and submit AUP after reviewing information).  Training includes required information from KDE:  Records retention and Data Security.  The training also includes general tech information and procedures for Pulaski County Schools.  
    2. Read Acceptable Use Policy
    3. Submit signed Staff User Agreement to the STC
    4. Staff AUP Signature Page
  2. Bloodborne Pathogen Training [CO] - Required 2023-2024
    1. Watch the video


    2.  Take the online quiz
  3. Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Training [CO] - Required for new hires.  Required for ALL 2024-2025
    * Required for all school administrators, certified staff members, office staff, instructional assistants, coaches and extracurricular sponsors in 2020-21 or within 90 days of hire and every other year thereafter.
    1. Watch the video
    2. Take the online quiz
  4. Review Code of Conduct: (updated version to be posted 7/14/21) “School Employee Duty to Report”, p. 33-35 - Required 2023-2024
    1. Review relevant PCS Policies
  • 09.227 – Report Child Abuse
  • 03.23253 – Report Domestic/Dating Violence
  • 09.2211 – Report Criminal Activity, including Human Trafficking
  1. Professional Boundary Training – required for all middle school and high school staff annually.  Contact Jaala Taylor for information or assistance as needed.  - Required 2023-2024
  2. Introduction to PBIS - Required for ALL staff 2023-2024 [CO]: 
    1. Watch the video PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports)
    2. Complete the quiz after watching the video.
  3. Bullying Prevention Training - Required 2023-2024
    • Complete a course from KET focused on bullying prevention or the training course found at or  other as approved by administrator.
    • Send certificate to the Building PD Facilitator or sign a signature page provided by the school verifying completion.
  4. FERPA/Confidentiality Training [CO] - Required 2023-2024
    1. This may be done as a group in a faculty meeting, or independently by staff with network credentials.

9.  Suicide Prevention Training:  Required 1 hour in-person training for all high school and middle school principals, guidance counselors and teachers in 2018-2019 and every other year thereafter.  New hires in 2021-2022 must receive a packet of information on suicide prevention.  Required  for all MS/HS staff 2024-2025

  • Send certificate to the Building PD Facilitator or sign a signature page provided by the school verifying completion..
  • Information and Resources for Training are available on the KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services' Suicide Prevention Training and Resources for Educators page.

10.  Mental Health and Physical Restraint and Seclusion [CO] - Required 2023-2024

  1. Recommended:  watch four videos focused on mental health or other as approved by administrator.
  2. Review relevant PCS guidelines, policies, and procedures
  1. Submit training verification form to the Building PD Facilitator.

11.  Emergency Management Plan Training [CO] - Required 2023-2024

  1. Review safety procedures for emergencies (including District and School Emergency Plans)
  2. Review evacuation routes (as posted in each classroom/room)
  3. Review assigned roles and responsibilities during emergencies
  4. Login to the emergency management website.  Notify your school administrator if you are unable to access the site.
  5. Login to Raptor.  Notify your school administrator if you are unable to access the site/app.

12.  Alcohol, Tobacco, other Drugs (ATOD) Training - Required 2023-2024  - Code of Conduct information.

13.  Gifted and Talented Training- Required 2023-2024 - ALL teachers are required to complete annual GT training - Gifted and Talented Identification in Kentucky.  KRS 157.200

14.  Seizure Disorder Training- Required for new staff 2023-2024 - All principals, guidance counselors and teachers to complete a 1-time, one-hour  training.  Submit documentation to the building facilitator.   Two possible resources include:  

15.  Active Shooter Training Video: - Required 2023-2024  This is a 1-hour training required for ALL staff annually (certified and classified) by November 1.  

16.  Medication Training:- Required 2023-2024  See the medication administration training page for materials.




  1. Sign Electronic User Agreement
    1. Students sign Acceptable Use Agreement (front of Code of Conduct)
    2. Submit completed forms to STC.  Do this at start of year, and for all new students.
  2. Bullying/Harassment
    1. May show Pulaski County Schools Safety Video or other as approved by administrator.
      1. Elementary Video
      2. Secondary Video
    2. Document in lesson plans
  3. Cyberbullying, Social Networking Sites, Cell Phone use
    1. Use online resources, such as
    2. Document in lesson plans.  Must include:
      1. Cyberbullying
      2. Social Networking
      3. Chatrooms
  4. Suicide Prevention Training for Middle School and High School Students
    1. Show A Cry for Help - Suicide Prevention Videos
    2. Document in lesson plans
  5. Code of Conduct
    1. Review prohibited behavior, including alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs (ATOD)
    2. Student Duty to Report.
    3. Review other content, as directed by administrator.
  6. Emergency Management Drills